Seven Things About Me Award

Wow, this is such a nice surprise.  A very big Thank You to Chelsea at The Writer Without a Pen for the nomination!  We are more than happy to tell you 7 things about ourselves, and to pass on the nominations (the fun part!).

1. I LOVE to read, I have way more books than I have shelf space for – Trisha

2. I don’t drive – Trisha

3. I’m not very tech-savvy – Trisha

4. I’ve started writing too many novels to count and have completed none – Trisha

5) I’m a neat freak. Everything has its own place, and I’ll notice if it’s been moved even a 1/2 an inch. (Carolyn)

6) I’m a gravy-aholic. (Carolyn)

7) Children’s choir voices (the humming ones) scare me. (Carolyn)

Now, on to our nominations:

Book Peeps


Emma’s Life Unravel

A French Frye in Paris

Childhood Relived

Apartment Envy

Lastly, here are the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Tell everyone seven things about yourself.

3. Choose other blogs that you think deserve the award, and post on their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated.

Thanks again, Chelsea, for the nomination. Make sure you check out Chelsea’s positive and inspiring blog at The Writer Without a Pen. Happy Labour Day!!

Trisha & Carolyn


We’re Not Worthy…Or Are We?

Oh my. I can’t believe how competitive it is out here in the blogosphere. Well, actually, I can, especially after participating in a webinar on this very topic last week…it seemed as if what lay ahead was nothing but doom and gloom…unless I managed to get some “Guest Blogs”…where? I have no idea. Of course, in the end, I would have had to enroll in an e-class for $600 to find out the “key” to my potential blogging success. Needless to say, here I am with $600 still in my pocket…trying to battle my way through this sea of blogs in hopes that one or two…or maybe even six people, will read what I have to say.

Well, guess what? Yesterday, we had 14 views, and my sister and I were practically doing cartwheels. Even better, a few people actually “liked” our posts, and FIVE have even decided to follow us. WE’RE NOT WORTHY!!! But, thank you. We even got our first comment…granted, it seems to be slightly (or full out?) in the way of spam. But hey, we’re firm believers in everything is happening the way it’s supposed to so…the spam comment stays. I think it’s only half spam anyway since an actual compliment was attached to it. Or was that just a ploy?! It stays. We’re not rocking the boat!

I wonder if most bloggers get this excited over their first likes, their first followers? We probably should have just played it cool. But, too late!


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