A Mini Makeover

This weekend I did something that I should have done a while ago – I moved the furniture in my living room around.  I did it on a whim after thinking (again) about how sick I was of looking at my living room the way it was.  It was 6pm, last night, and I figured I could get it done fairly quickly, and I was right.  By 7:15 I was standing and looking at the changes (it’s obviously not a very big living room).  What a difference moving a few things, or actually in my case everything, into a new location makes.  It feels bigger, yet cozier, somehow.  I know very little about Feng Shui, but I think I made some good moves.  I opened it up, and it now seems like a more grown up living room.  I also made this discovery: I’m pretty sure my cat, Puddin’, has more toys than most children!  Every time I moved something, I would find more of her toys – it was a bit crazy.  My floor is now covered in cat toys – I definitely have to do something about that.

My inspiration definitely came from reading one of my new favourite blogs Apartment Envy – I love this blog; she has great tips and great photos on there.  My apartment is much tinier and more generic compared to what she showcases, but I’m never looking to copy anything, I’m only ever looking to be inspired.  I live in an old (probably from the 70’s) high-rise where all of the apartments are cookie cutter copies of the next, with odd angles and wall placements, and even worse floors.  But I do what I can to make it my own; I have been for the six years that I’ve lived here.  Of course, it’s difficult given what I have to work with, both the space itself and the finances, but it’s definitely my space.  I would love to have a more cohesive look, with not necessarily matching anything, actually definitely NOT matching anything, but right now it’s still a mish mash of furniture and styles.

I used to be obsessed with white – everything in my apartment was white.  That is until the day my Mom walked through it and said it was nice, but “sterile” looking.  I don’t think she meant it as an insult, just as a guiding piece of advice.  Well, I took it, and have since added pops of colour throughout.  I traded my white living room curtains for red, my white area rug for a red shag carpet (yup, I have a shag carpet and I love it).  My bathroom no longer blinds people with the white walls, white shower curtain, white towels and white mat – I’ve gone orange in there (my favorite colour).  One thing I won’t do in this apartment, however, is paint.  In my last apartment, which was a 100-year-old fourth floor walk up, I painted every room almost as soon as I moved in.  Why?  Well because each room was a different Neon colour.  Yes, you read right – each room was either blue, yellow or green; make that super bright blue, yellow or green.  It was beyond hideous.  I painted the living room a very dark burgundy which might not sound very nice, but the room had crown molding which was white – it looked sharp.  The rest of the rooms were painted either a creamy white or sage green.  I even went so far as to paint the kitchen cupboards white.  They were all wood (and I know some people think it’s a sin to paint wood), but they were just too much so they got painted and I changed the pulls to brushed nickel.  That apartment was nice – although the storage was a nightmare, as in there was none!  For some reason though, and I’m really not sure why exactly, I just can’t bring myself to paint this apartment.  I’m sure it would look better and warmer if I did but no, I just won’t do it.  So white walls they will remain.

I was going to post a picture of what my living room looks like but when I uploaded it, it just didn’t look very good – turns out my living room is not very photogenic!  Either that or I’m not a very good photographer.  So instead, I’ll treat you to a pic of Puddin’!

Puddin’ on my red shag carpet!

Happy Monday!




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