Welcome to the Recipes section of our blog!  As you can see, this is definitely a work in progress.  Like most people, cooking for us is typically done off the cuff so to speak; rarely do the measuring spoons or cups come out when either of us cook.  Who knew that writing a recipe for something that is a staple menu item would be so difficult?  Between measuring every little thing that is used, when normally it is merely eye-balled and tossed in, to making sure it looks “pretty” enough to be in pictures, it has definitely opened our eyes to the challenge of having a recipes page.

But… we both love to cook and love to eat so there is no way we could do a blog without a recipes page, challenging or not!  We hope that you enjoy the recipes that will slowly but surely make their way to this page.

Bon appetite!

Trisha and Carolyn



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