Carolyn’s Story

Hi, I’m Carolyn, the other author/creator of Simply Om. It is my hope that this blog will become a place of calm in this hectic Blogosphere. As you can see, it’s a work in progress!

To help you get a better understanding of why Simply Om, let me explain my journey to this place…

A few years ago, while watching one of my favourite people on television, Ellen, I was enthralled by one of her guests, Dr. Wayne Dyer. The message I came away with after watching that particular segment was simple, yet profound…Your life is whatever you choose to believe it is. How you think directly impacts how you feel. If you’re thinking about bad things all of the time, you’re going to feel bad. On the flipside, if you’re thinking about good things, things that make you happy, you’re going to feel happy…at least eventually. It seemed so simple, but it was not something that I can say I was consistently aware of. Like many people, I often got caught up in the “negative vibes” of everyday life. And so began a journey that would change my life.

After hearing Dr. Dyer on Ellen, I quickly purchased his book, Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life. It is a book that has remained a part of my life on a daily basis now for almost three years. It seems each time I read it, I come away with something new that adds to my life. I often find myself applying things I’ve read in the book during the occasional not-so-happy moments of my day. When things become overwhelming, I think “let it flow” or “just be” and believe it or not, it helps! In short, I feel like anything that comes my way, I can handle.

Last year, I also began a new adventure into meditating, participating in the Chopra Centre 21 Day Meditation Challenge online. As promised, it worked! In 21 days I had formed my meditation habit. You want instant stress relief? Meditate. You want peace and quiet? Meditate. You want peace of mind? Meditate. It truly is my saving grace, and describing its benefits in words really does not do it any justice. It is just something that has to be experienced firsthand.

Through Yoga, my Dr. Dyer obsession, and meditating, I feel I have created my own little oasis in this crazy world. At a time when the world seems so out of control, when everything seems to be moving too fast, and there’s just too much of everything, I have found my utopia. Simply Om was born out of my passion (along with my sister’s) – simplicity, peace, the Tao. If there is one thing I’ve learned about people with a similar passion, it’s our desire to share this passion with others. We hope that Simply Om becomes a place of inspiration for all those who visit.



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