One Lovely Blog Award

Hello!  What a lovely thing to wake up to this morning, a nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award.  Thank you so much Emily at The Sugarlump – check it out!

We are honored to accept this nomination and are  more than happy to complete the following:

1. Write a post linking back to the person that nominated me.

2. Tell seven things about ourselves.

3. Pass on this award to some wonderful blogs by linking their sites to this post and notifying them of their nominations.

Seven things about ourselves:

1. I’m a compulsive list maker.  I’ve been trying to cut back lately on making lists in order to “go with the flow” and to live a little more spontaneously.  I mean surely I know to eat breakfast and take a shower without having to write it down! (Trisha)

2. I notice and appreciate the small things in life. (Carolyn)

3. I love horror movies.  Everyone in my life knows this, but it might surprise people here in the blog world.  (Trisha)

4. I occasionally have extreme blonde moments. (Carolyn)

5. Unlike most women, I’m not a shoe-lover.  I’d go barefoot if I could!  Handbags, however, are a different story. (Trisha)

6.  I’m a deep thinker who pays close attention to details. I LOVE to analyze things, piece by piece, questioning everything.

7. Every so often, I’ll put on some sad music and have a good cry.  Try it, it’s good for you! (Trisha)

Now for the fun part – our nominations.  To these wonderful bloggers who have inspired us with their wit and their courage to just be themselves.

~Trisha and Carolyn – Simply Om~


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