Happy New Year?

Labour Day Weekend, the last long weekend of the summer. Ahhh I remember this holiday from my youth so well. It was such a bittersweet long weekend. So many mixed emotions I had for this holiday as a child.

Part of me loved it because it was a girly weekend tradition for so many years. My Dad and my uncle would take off out of town to a car show, and it’d be just me, my sister, and Mom, bonding over good food and good times. Then, of course, the staple of that weekend was the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Even as a kid, I felt so much emotion seeing those firefighters waltz onto that stage with their oversized cheques, the big dramatic number change on the tote board. The down side of the holiday was the hot/cold feeling I got about going back to school. Excited to see my friends, but sad to have to go to school to do it (we lived in a pretty rural area and our friends were not a hop, skip, and a jump away). It was so hard to give up sleeping in, the freedom to do whatever I wanted when I wanted, the two months of carefree living in the lazy hazy days of summer. There was some excitement in getting all of my stationary ready and organized to a T. Same with getting my first day of school outfit ready. I remember some years, it was still pretty hot on that first day of school (even in Canada), but I was bound and determined to wear that new Fall outfit – nevermind the fact that it was better suited to 5 degrees Celsius temperatures.

As an adult, I still tend to get those feelings around this time of year. For some reason, the last long weekend of summer is a bit sad, perhaps because, for many people, it signals the end of summer; not technically, but practically. For many of us, it also signifies back-to-the-ole-routine time. It’s so nice to live a little slower during the summer months, to feel like, for just a couple of months, everything’s not so rushed.

But, onto Fall we must go, and I’m not complaining. Fall’s a beautiful season, and living in a climate in which I get to enjoy all four seasons, each season feels like a fresh start. Au revoir, Summer 2012! I’m ready for a new beginning. On that note, Happy Mini New Year everyone!



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